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Coffresset Kumano Brush Make Brush and Aroma Water Set Original Kumano Pen Coffret-2022-Thera-A


\ GUTE GOUTE original set /
We will deliver time to get rid of it in an instant in a busy morning.

/// set content ///
· Aroma water (Please choose your favorite scent from Hinokywater or Damas Closed Water)
· Powder brush of heart
· Heart-shaped teak brush (for portable)

/// Product introduction ///
Extraction site: wood
Extraction method: vacuum thermal circulation type distillation method
Component: Hinoki Wood
Internal volume: 100 ml
Product size (approx) diameter 35 mm height 140 mm

Damas Close Water
Extraction site: flower
Extraction method: water vapor distillation method
Component: Damask rose flower water
Internal volume: 100 ml
Product size (approx) diameter 35 mm height 140 mm

Thera (Tera)
Review culture and thinking in Japan
It is easy to understand while specializing in products created from natural wisdom
And if you connect to the healthyness and beauty of the modern people ...
It is a product made from such a thought.

[Common information]
Launcher: Alhambra Co., Ltd.
Advertisement Bank: Gran Tree Co., Ltd. 078-927-7551
Product Category: Cosmetics Made in Japan

【please note】
· It is not a drink.
· Please keep high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.
· Please use early after opening.
· Although the product is characterized by the characteristics of the product, there may be a deposit or discoloration from the component, but there is no problem in use.

Heart powder brush
Shape heart
Hairy mountain wool and polyester
Hair longitude 40mm
Total length 115mm

Heart-shaped teak brush (for portable)
Hair quality: mountain wool and polyester
Shape heart
Hot Hair Length 35mm / Total Length 107mm

/ / / / Wrapping fee included / / /

Of course the gift is also perfect for your rewards♪
Correspondence brush is lapped with 3 sets and pouches into a dedicated box.
Lapping Type: Winter-limited / Red only

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