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Coffret-Haruhi Nugoo Coffret-Haruhi-2022


\ GUTE GOUTE original set /
Useful Nugoo's Garine Pouch
I set the dressing with a dressing

Kumano Pen | GUTE GOUTER X Atsuho

Set of three original made brushes needed to keep in mind.
It will be delivered in a dedicated makeup box.

· Clean face brush
Axis: tree
Shape: flower
Hair quality: mountain wool and polyester
Hair length: 38mm / total length: 68mm
※ There may be a smell of the mountain and love hair.
After arrival of the product, put it out of the case and put it in a well-ventilated place, so please be assured that the smell will be thinner.
In the case of life-dried, it makes it easier to feel in particular. Be sure to dry early after use.

· Cheek brush
Axis: tree
Shape: Heart
Capacity: Mountain Wool & PBT (Artificial Hair)
Hair length: 35mm / total length: 110mm

·Foundation brush
Axis: tree
Shape: oblique flat
Hair quality: PBT (artificial hair)
Hair length: 18mm / Total length: 108mm

· Nugoo Gomaguchi Bale Pouch Vauta Plapara
Pouch of Bento series with cute bales.
Since the mouth opens a large opportunity, it is useful for storage such as make tools, washroom tools, accessories, etc.
It is also nice to have a pocket inside. The surface is weakly warped.
Material: 100% cotton Lining: 100% nylon
Size: about 15 × 12 cm Machine up to 12 cm
* The image and the pattern may differ.

/// Wrapping, free shipping ///
Of course the gift, but also for your rewards♪
Correspondence brush is lapped with 3 sets and pouches into a dedicated box.
Lapping Type: Winter-limited / Red only

【please note】
* You can not change the set contents.
· The dyeing color may not be identical to the color of the image. note that.
· Do not heat the heat of direct sunlight or dryer.
· When stored in the case etc., it is completely dry and then stored.
· After using, wipe the bracket and axis water. Corrosion of the metal fittings can be suppressed.
· Please note that when cleaning the dyed hair is cleaned.

* The image may cause errors in color and texture with actual products due to your browser and display.

※ Worldwide shipping on purchases over 60,000 yen!
area Shipping method postage Elder delivery
Asian Economy ¥780- 7-14 days
Express ¥2,100- 2-5 days
North America, Central America, Oceania Economy Currently not available
Express ¥2,900- 2-6 days
EU Economy ¥910- 7-14 days
Express ¥3,200- 2-6 days
South America, Africa Economy ¥1,280- 7-21
Express ¥4,100- 2-8 days
※ Shipping cost depends on the total weight of the product. Check out the final shipping fee at checkout.
※ Currently, due to the influence of COVID-19, some countries can not use economy mode.
※ The shipping cost in USD is just for your reference. This will be varied depending on the exchange rate.

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