COPIC CIAO Copic Debut Set 10 Colors 12503037


COPIC CIAO Copic Debut Set 10 Colors

Pencil type & thick drawing type Twin alcohol marker, Copic Chao All 180 colors, select 10 colors that are easy to use for beginners. Because it is a slight color team that is easy to use for landscape pictures and landscape pictures, you can enjoy various facial expressions if you paint several times.
The sketchbook with compatible with the copy series and compatible compact size is also convenient for carrying.
Penwater resistant ink line with copick, two colors, popular illustrator, chairperson's mini guide & cute coloring painting!
Copic is the first item for the first time, and it is a perfect item.

【set content】
· Copic Chao 10 colors
· Copic Multi Liner Black 0.1mm
· Copic Multi-Liner Sepia 0.1mm
· Copics mini guides
· 1 pieces each each
· Copic sketchbook S size

Copic Chao
Component: Alcohol dye ink
Refluation: About 1.4 ml per one time (about 9 times of replenishment with one copy ink)
Body specification (per one): Size / 12 × 12 × 150 mm Weight / 11g

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