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Canvas Tool Put Sakura
ichimaruni (Nakazaki Town, Osaka Prefecture)

The calm sakura-colored tool case is made of easy-to-use, durable canvas.
It also blends in with the interior.
With charm of the hand.

■Canvas tool bag
【ichimaruni】Nakazaki Town, Osaka Prefecture
[To the person = 102 = Ichimarni] "To the person", re-read, "Ichimarni".
There is a desire to create "things" that are close to people for them.
Ichimaruni creates a bag that is close to the person who has it and values the presence that appears by not insisting too much. Taking advantage of the strong and light canvas, we are ideal for manufacturing that creates a presence by erasing the presence that forgets to wear it.

Size Width 270 x Height 100 x Depth 100 (mm)
(Lifting height 170mm)
P. Size W280× H170× D30 (mm)
Weight 125g
Material Body: Cotton (paraffin processing) Tag: Cowhide Charm of hand: cotton, rice husk, brass

Made in Japan

Please note
・ It is a limited product of 2021. The number is limited.
Body design and package are subject to change.
- The dimensions and weight of the display are approximate. There may be an error with the actual product.
・ The image posted may have an error in color and touch with the actual product due to the influence of your browser or display.

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