COHANA Kohana Handy Through the small thread winding and Iida Motacle thread set Sakura


Cohana-High quality handmade tools from local industry and crafts

Small brass spool and Iida Mizuhiki threading set Sakura
Takatsuji Seisakusho (Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture) x MARIMO (Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture) x Mizuhiki Kinoshita (Iida City, Nagano Prefecture)

A set of pincushion wound with cherry-colored silk thread and Mizuhiki threader.

■ Brass pincushion
[Takatsuji Seisakusho] Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture
A Buddhist equipment manufacturer founded in 1946 in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.
Utilizing the traditional technique of Takaoka copperware casting that has been handed down for 400 years, many Buddhist implements are produced.
Pursuing the possibilities of casting, we are creating tools that have "meaning and role" in our lives, in addition to Buddhist tools.

■ Bunch
[MARIMO] Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Fusa Kobo in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Inheriting traditional techniques, we specialize in delicate manual work such as small tufts and knots.
The craftsman's skill shines on each thread wound on the bobbin, resulting in a beautiful finish.

■ Mizuhiki
[Kinoshita Mizuhiki] Iida City, Nagano Prefecture
Founded in 1961. We valued the "Japanese" of the material that Mizuhiki has, handed down the technique of "Yui", created the "beauty" of the curve that Mizuhiki has, and used the technique of "Takumi" from our predecessors to stick to handmade. Manufactures products.
In addition, we are focusing on developing new products that match the times, not forgetting the craftsmanship and the value of Mizuhiki.

Brass spool Width 33 x Depth 33 x Height 35 (mm)
Thread length: 6m
Mizuhiki threading Length 40 x Width 27 x Thickness 5 (mm)
Thread length 6m
P. size W55 × H63 × D63 (mm)
Weight 87g
[Small brass spool] Body: Brass Thread: Silk
[Threading of Iida Mizuhiki] Pulp paper, polyethylene, stainless steel, aluminum

made in Japan

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