COHANA Kohana 2022 Spring Limited Lacquer and Money Picture KG-SKBS-45


COHANA-Ultra-quality handmade tools from regional industries and crafts
Spring limited lacquer and small bass of golden pictures

Since released in April 2020, it is a "spring-limited color" of lacquer and green cropping books, which is popular and used in a wide range of layers.
A small tasteful small vessel is given a good gloss and a golden painting, and you can enjoy a slight color change in natural lacquer and a taste that appears every year, and a taste that appears every year.
It is a special scissor that comes with a smooth texture of lacquer unique to the hand and uses as much as useful.
For handicrafts such as thread cut, paper craft.
With fine genuine leather case

One piece of craftsman, one process
Beautifully sparkles and comfortable sharpness is possible, so many craftsmen's hand is crossing and passing.
Samurai craftsman, ladybird, craftsman, atroclimate, leather craftsman, a box craftsman, a lot of craftsmanship and skilled skills were added, and finished in fine scissors.
I hope you will be a long-loved scissor, crossing from the creator to your hand.

The secret of the comfortable sharpness of the small bass is in the final process where the craftsman works one by one manually. In the polishing of the final process, the strength of the blade is improved in the "small blade" and it is difficult to make it difficult to make it difficult to make it difficult to set the cutting edge in "earlier". The adjustment of the subsequent meshing increases sharpness accuracy. These final steps require craftsmen's skills and sensations. Like an image, the cutting edge finished in the final process is flat by "tip".

Body size total length: 105 × blade crossing: 24 (mm)
Package Size W74 × H30 × D140 (mm)
65g weight
Material Painting Type: Urushi Painting Body: Stainless Steel Blade Steel / ABS Resin Case: Cowhide Tassel: Polyester

made in Japan

please note
· It is a limited product of spring 2022. The number is limited.
· The main unit design or package may change.
· The dimensions of the display, the weight is a guide. There may be an error with the actual product.
· The image of the published may cause an error in color and texture with the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

■ Notice of handling of scissors
Because the cutting edge is sharp, please be careful about handling.
If the scissors get wet, wipe the water well to prevent rusting.
If you cut a hard thing forcibly, the baby's biting will be worse and cause the blade.
If you drop or shock, it may cause damage.
Please put it in the case after use.
The case uses genuine leather and somewhat stretched. If you get wet with water or sweat, it may cause color loss and stains.
If you are concerned about fat and fingerprints, please wipe it off with the supplied cleaner broth.
Lacquer may discolore, so avoid storage at high temperature and humid and direct sunlight locations.
Please do not polish because it may be scratched by the eye rough cloth or abrasive.
Lacquer may be covered by the constitution. If you feel an error, discontinue use and receive a doctor's diagnosis.
Keep out of reach of infants.

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