BGM masking tape 6 box set 15mm width TOMOCHOCO-001 Valentine friend chocolate


BGM | Masking tape in a box
3 x6 box set of 3 pieces

Friends, colleagues, family, schools and workplace events, etc.
Please give it as a petit gift, a gifts and prizes.

set content
■ A set
BM -SPAN002 -Arabian Night Red Flame
BM -SPAN005 -Arabian Night Blue Stone
BM -SPAN006 -Arabian Night Yang of the Yang

■ B set
BM -SPBS002 -Blossom Maroon
BM -SPFT002 -Fairy tale ribbon
BM -SPOP006 -Oil pastel and strawberries

■ C set
BM -SPKL009 -Crayon Land Strawberry
BM -SPKL014 -Crayon Land Clover
BM -SPND004 -Night Dream / Sweet Dream

■ ABC 2 box sets
The A to C set is included in 2 boxes each.

Size: Width 15mm x 5m volume
Material: Japanese paper
Country of origin: China

【please note】
* The set contents cannot be changed.
* It cannot be bundled with other products.

・ Avoid storage in high temperature and humid places.
・ Do not use for anything other than stationery applications.

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