PRICE stickers
These are price stickers we definitely hope that handmade artists and shops will use.
The package includes a large quantity (40 stickers).

These are repeelable stickers that you can cleanly peel off without tearing.

Size: 13X39mm
40 stickers

Notes for usage:
・Please do not store the item in high-temperature or high-humidity areas.

* The package design may change without prior announcement.

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area Shipping method postage Elder delivery
Asian Economy ¥780- 7-14 days
Express ¥2,100- 2-5 days
North America, Central America, Oceania Economy Currently not available
Express ¥2,900- 2-6 days
EU Economy ¥910- 7-14 days
Express ¥3,200- 2-6 days
South America, Africa Economy ¥1,280- 7-21
Express ¥4,100- 2-8 days
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※ Currently, due to the influence of COVID-19, some countries can not use economy mode.
※ The shipping cost in USD is just for your reference. This will be varied depending on the exchange rate.

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