THERA Han-KAN-5 Emotions Essential Oil KI


It is an aroma blend oil blended by paying attention to the five spirits of the idea of Chinese medicine and the Yin-Yang five-line theory.

- ki -
A gentle and calm floral fragrance
It is a calm and peaceful fragrance that can increase concentration

- Various uses of essential oils -
Fragrance bath with aroma diffuser etc.
In the bath
・ Drip 2-3 drops into the aroma bath
・ Diluted with carrier oil for massage
・ For the soji and laundry in the room

Contents: 5ml

Lavender oil, ylang-ylang flower oil, jasmine oil, rosemary oil, palmarosa oil, rosewood wood oil, bergamot fruit oil, bitter orange flower oil (neroli)

Country of Production: Japan
Released by ALHAMBRA Co., Ltd.
Advertising Responsibility: Grantree Co., Ltd. 078-927-7551

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