On August 5th, on this day
We are looking for a wonderful photo of your stool!
It can be used with Gute Gouter for 3 of the people who posted
3,000 yen shopping couponPresent!

Campaign details
Present content GUTE GOUTER head office / Rakuten store / Yahoo!
The winners will ask which store coupon would be like in Instagram DM.
Application method Please introduce a post using a stamp on your Instagram.
Hanko that is not handled in our shop is fine.
At the time of posting, please post with the following tag.
#Han Kono Gutegute
 * Please do not forget to do Gutegute.
If you get a good return from our shop, the application is complete.
* In the unlikely event that you do not like it from our shop, please let us know if you are sorry to trouble you because it may not be included in the campaign selection.
Application acceptance period July 7, 2022 (Thursday) to August 21 (Sun) 24:00
Winner announcement After Tuesday, August 23rd
Participation conditions @gutegouter's follower
I live in Japan and the prize destination is in Japan
Notes ・ For customers who are subject to coupon, DM will be sent separately on Instagram. Please confirm the settings so that you can receive the DM from our shop.
・ If you cannot contact us by the due date, we may cancel the winning.
・ Personal information is not used for purposes other than sending prizes.
・ If you do not know how to do a screen or tagging, please contact us from Instagram DM.
  • A great set of clear stamps that are now popular. With a stamp file for storage.

  • A set where you can enjoy a multi -colored animal stamp.

  • You can enjoy the stamp of the Oscollab and the stamp as soon as you arrive.

  • KnoopWorks
    Knope Works
    A unisex stamp that is not too cute. There are plenty of message stamps as well as points.

  • Momoro
    I love animals! Picture book writer, illustrator, Momoro's stamp. This feeling of feeling is warrior.

    Hankoya, who was founded in Taisho 13 in 13, is experimenting every day. We also made our original stamp.

  • Hana Rakukai
    The view of the world of Illustrator Hanko writer, Hana Rakui, is full of nostalgia and fun.

  • Stamp stamps
    Stamps used in combination with stamps. A story that makes you laugh.

  • Eric
    Eraser Hanko writer, illustrator. The world of small things like turned over the desk drawer.

  • Cotori Cotori
    Popular designer for paper miscellaneous goods and rubber version of stamps. It is a maiden chic taste that feels like Showa.

  • Anz STAMP
    Anse stamp
    Illustrator Anz's mysterious island, a unique resident who lives on RiceBall Island (Onigiri Island).

  • Tomiko Han
    tomiko han
    We are making works with the theme of "Eating and traveling eraser stamp" with the theme of people, taste, and travel motifs.

  • Gokigen Tori Stamp
    A bold parody of famous paintings, a stamp that inadvertently take a good mood. If you add a color, you can play further.

  • Kokugo time
    Leo Leoni
    Leo Leoni's famous picture books are on the stamp. Familiar with several generations.

  • Satake Shunsuke
    Satake SyunSuke
    Stamps of animal motifs with contrast. I want to use it colorfully!

  • han*co
    Hanco Bechori
    Stamps of words that are often used by calligraphy. It is a newly written lettering writer Bechori.

  • To-Mei Han (clear stamp)
    A clear stamp made of photo polymer that can be printed neatly to the detailed line. You can do it because it is clear, multicolor stacking is fun!

  • BGM (clear stamp)
    The abundance of the number is Pikaichi. BGM clear stamp during the popular explosion. The trend is reduced, and the replacement of new products is quick!

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