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Gifts for loved ones

In our shop, we accept gift wrapping for a fee (300 yen).
Please note that the wrapping design that can be provided may change depending on the season.

In addition, wrapping is set to be selected when you put the item in a shopping basket.
Please enjoy our original wrapping.



Stamps from artist, ANZ

Stamps from artist, ANZ

ANZ[artist] Born in Tokyo, ANZ is an illustrator and graphic designer. She has worked in various fields of graphic design including corporate des...

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It's about time the topic of cherry blossoms came out in various places. Why are Japanese so attracted to cherry blossoms?Can't we get scattered in...

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Japanese -born items

Tableware, stationery, cosmetics ...

If you raise what you use every day, there is no drill, but I did not notice such things as a Japanese person, delicate and cultural background.

"Japan" traveled abroad and learned using daily necessities around the world.

Our lives are made up of the skills and wisdom left by the ancestors, and now we use daily necessities every day, so that they match the new life style.

Practical thing rather than gorgeous.

Rather than being cheap and convenient, the creator and developer's thoughts are behind the item.

Things that can be cultivated by using it for a long time, rather than the joy of owning things that disappear in an instant.

The root of happiness is everyday.

Please enjoy the daily necessities introduced by Gute Gouter!