Cohana Kokeshi Container with Needle Kohana Kokeshi no needle


A hanging scroll in the mountains of Tohoku
It is said that "kijishi" who grabbed wood and made a bowl or tray began to be made with Yuji to
Tsugaru koikekan in Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture
This Koki Kan Museum, which was born by the local volunteer work "Koshi Shikan kenchiku" (movement of the museum for the construction of the Museum), has been working not only on the exhibition sales of kokeshi but also for the production of production demonstrations, events, and the development of new works
Among the 11 series of traditional kokeshi, the Tsugaru system is the highest in history, and it has been developed based on novel ideas, various types, drawings and techniques. It is said that it is influenced by the nebuta picture, and it is one of the features
"Kokeshi no Tsukasa" is a feature of Tsugaru type kokeshi, which is characterized by the opacity of opacity and bright colors
Cute facial expression is cute, palm size. The inside is a needle, and there are three needles of
The magnet was attached to the bottom of the needle

Main body: Wood (water tree), ur silicon rubber neodymium magnet
Needle: Steel

Three sewing needles
Package size × H108 × D49 (mm)
Length of × Thickness: 0.71 mm
About 46 grams

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