◇ What options do you have for payment methods?

→ Various credit cards, Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, etc. are available. For customer convenience, we want to expand the choice of payment method at any time.

◇ Please tell me about delivery method.

→ For customers in Japan, we will make shipment by Yamato Takkyuubin shipment or compact shipment. A separate shipping cost "710 yen" will be added.

→ If you would like to deliver outside the country, we are currently offering two types below.

Express: EMS (Japan Mail), Fedex

· ECONOMY: D-Packet (Japan Mail) or Shipping

※ Currently, in the relationship of corona, the shipping status to overseas is fluctuated as in the monthly. If you can not ship to the desired area, we will notify you soon. Also, depending on the land, there are also places where you can not choose ECONOMY.

It may take much more time than normal delivery time. Please check the situation at any time from the tracking number you send after shipping.

※ If the luggage is lost during delivery, compensation may be received according to the provisions of each transport company. However, if you select ECONOMY, please be aware that there is basically no compensation.

◇ Do we have to pay duty & tax?

* You might be required to pay DUTY & TAX depending upon your country. This is the payment the consignee needs to pay. Even if you refuse to make payment for them and parcel are returned to us, we cannot return the shipping cost in this instance.

◇ What about the VAT for UK & EUROPE?

In July 2021, new laws require all e-commerce businesses to pay a VAT tax. This tax varies from country to country. Gute Gouter now includes this tax in your total cost if the order is 150 Euros or less. If it is over 150 Euros, the consignee (customer or the person who receives the package) is required to pay the tax upon receipt of the goods.

◇ How can I know the shipping cost?

*The shipping cost will be determined by the total weight of your order, destination, and shipping method. You can see the shipping cost in the Check Out Process.

If you find anything unclear, please feel free to contact us!
We are happy to give our utmost support for your satisfactory shopping!