Small bass of Cohana Kohana lacquer and green crocodile

Small bass of lacquer and gold crocodue

A racquer and a golden painting with a high-noble gloss were applied to a small shrimp, made of a tannet of Japan's leading cutlery, and the Hasegawa cutlery of Seki Gifu Prefecture.
Subtle color changes for natural lacquer can be enjoyed, and it tastes deep and beautiful gloss for each year. The case of a calm genuine leather and a bunch of gold and silver and became more oreenly scissors.

Lacquered is a 1970 establishment in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Mainly lacquered and fabricated with temples and household birds. Taking advantage of lakering experience and wisdom such as Buddhist tablet, we repeated trial manufacture and color adjustment many times while trial and error. The accumulating coated with transparent lacquer on the amber lacquer, and the transparent gloss and depth are born. The red coat fills the colorful colored lacquer, and feels that it has a sinking calm in the glamorousness.
The small bassy adjusts the blade meshing one by one, and it is finished with a sharp break. Since the cutting edge is thin, it is easy to use for work and it is recommended for both crafts and handicrafts.

The secret of the comfortable sharpness of the small bass is in the final process where the craftsman works one by one manually. In the polishing of the final process, the strength of the blade is improved in the "small blade" and it is difficult to make it difficult to make it difficult to make it difficult to set the cutting edge in "earlier". The adjustment of the subsequent meshing increases sharpness accuracy. These final steps require craftsmen's skills and sensations. Like an image, the cutting edge finished in the final process is flat by "tip".

Lacquer unique smooth texture is a hand and the more you use, the more you use. By cleaning with the supplied cleaner scross, you can use lacquer gloss and use it forever.

■ Lacquer and golden picture small bass / Aichi, Gifu

[Giothara lacquered place] Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
The lacquer places in 1970 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
We mainly create lacquered and fabrication such as temples and household birds and octopus.
In recent years, we are planning and manufacturing various lacquered works other than Buddha.

【Hasegawa Kagurate】 Seki City, Gifu Prefecture
A knurled manufacturer of his 1933 established in Seki Gifu, Gifu Prefecture.
Products that are born from outstanding technologies and abundant knowledge cultivated in the history have certain quality and other comfortable sharpness.

Size: Total length: about 105mm width: about 53mm thickness: about 10mm
Package Size: W74 × H30 × D140 (mm)
Weight: about 65g

Painting type: Urushi painting
Body: stainless steel cutlery steel · ABS resin
Case: Cowhide
Tassel: Polyester

made in Japan

■ Please be careful

Because the cutting edge is sharp, please be careful about handling.
If the scissors get wet, wipe the water well to prevent rusting.
If you cut a hard thing forcibly, the baby's biting will be worse and cause the blade.
If you drop or shock, it may cause damage.
Please put it in the case after use.
The case uses genuine leather and somewhat stretched. If you get wet with water or sweat, it may cause color loss and stains.
If you are concerned about fat and fingerprints, please wipe it off with the supplied cleaner broth.
Lacquer may discolore, so avoid storage at high temperature and humid and direct sunlight locations.
Please do not polish because it may be scratched by the eye rough cloth or abrasive.
Lacquer may be covered by the constitution. If you feel an error, discontinue use and receive a doctor's diagnosis.
Keep out of reach of infants.

※ The image of the published may cause an error in color and texture with the actual product due to your browser and display.

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