It's about time the topic of cherry blossoms came out in various places. Why are Japanese so attracted to cherry blossoms?
Can't we get scattered in no time? Is it the elegance that flutters? Is it because of a color that can't be expressed in a single way?

At Route Gouter, we will sell a lot of Sakura products again this year! Cohana's Sakura series is available in limited quantities.
There are also many new items with the motif of cherry blossoms, such as existing products dyed in beautiful cherry blossom colors!

In addition, the popularity is the maste & seal of the cherry blossom design of BGM! The chic design that elegantly expresses the beauty of the night cherry blossoms is full of adult charm.
Especially since it is a series with many inquiries from overseas, cherry blossom sets are also available this time. It is also good for heming to friends!

If I write so far, my heart is already full of pink. Last year, I enjoyed cherry blossoms only from the car. This is also a memories of cherry blossoms. Well, how is this spring?
May spring 2021 be a season when your mind and body will be dyed cherry blossoms!