About fermentation

In recent years, probably because of the attention to health has increased more, Japan "fermented food" is of the boom.

The fermented food, and work by the enzymes of microorganisms, by using a substance that is born by growth, is the generic name of the food is varied by changing.
By fermented food enters the body, or trimmed the intestinal environment, raising the metabolism, or help the digestion and absorption of food.
Here recently, Toka by focusing on putting more immunity, there are many who take a lot of fermented foods.

Japanese people really eat well fermented foods.

Natto, miso, there is no exaggeration to say that soy sauce , Japanese dining table is made from fermented food!

Meanwhile, let's fermentation of one and also say "brewing" the THERA that has been developed with a hint to the sake born to base cosmetics to introduce.

Because it is very beautiful hand of the master brewer to make sake, the famous story in Japan.
Koji made with sake of the process, "a treasure trove of enzyme!"

Contains Moto is a lot of beautiful skin.
Attentive microbial we whiten the hands of the master brewer, and, I have to smooth.

Series that was inspired by such sake is here!
Hiroshima Prefecture Sheng River brewing sake, special pure rice wine "HakuHiroshi", sake number, is the foundation cosmetics series blended with the charged water.

And this sake that we Japanese are proud, happy to be incorporated into the skin by all means, to the world!