In Japan and China, each year there is a "zodiac" that represents that year.

That year, a familiar animal is linked to each, "●● A child born in the year is calm!"
There is also an animal related language.

2021 year old year.

Today I will introduce the new work of the Hanko shop called Mekorabo.
Mr. Otco Lab, who has a store in a small town in Higashi-Osaka. Originally, it is a shop that is making a long-fashioned palm.
If you step into a good store with a plenty of atmosphere of Showa, you will have a large-minded elderly store.
It is "Otcorabo" that the wife who got married to his son wanted to suggest the possibility of Hanko more freely.
First of all, I was a dream that I became a dream designer, and even if I got married, I was going to work outside. I do not know where the destiny visits the branch point.

The corner of the workshop is like a cafe that the designer's wife has long traveled around the world and is decorated with the sense of the picture book and miscellaneous goods. If I think that one Hanko is born from there, Mr. Osco's Hanko is very lovingly. The most popular brand is the most popular brand, even among the Hankos, which is handled by such a wonderful workshop.

Such a new work of Mr. Moto was a 2021 zodiac "Ushi".

Of course, this stamp that can be used as a motif of everyday life. Please enjoy using the original usage by all means in combination with the existing design already issued by Osco.

Dare, it is wonderful to match black and gray with monotone!

If you go to POP, the ink pad called Bersamagic and Artnick is also recommended! It is a rich color development, and it is a push ink pad to push the paper.