Cohana Kohana thread cut potatoes


The scissors of the world, the scissors, which take over the spirit of founder and Shonaburo continue to make a lot, without compromising quality, without compromising quality.
In the case of the scissors, I caught the Kumu of Iga, which was mainly created as a strap such as armor, from the Nara period, and finished it in modern.
The sharp taste, of course, beautifully dyed silk yarns are gently familiar with their hands, and a distinctive texture and taste.

■ Shonamaro Igami Kimi no Yariya
Shonaburo X Matsushima braid store
Tokyo Mie Prefecture

Matsushima breast store, Matsushima, making Kumi strain in the land of Mie and Iga.
Matsushima Sun, Matsushima, Matsushima, will work to make a set of tasting strings, taking advantage of wisdom and experience as a traditional worker.
He keeps the beauty of the tradition by making use of the gloss of silk thread.

COHANA's thread break is made by hand-rolling, one chip, and one chip, and one chip.
The color of the kumi strain has been test manufactured and dyed many times while confirming compatibility with strawberry-machined steels.

Body: Steel / Silk / Brass
Cover: Cowhide

made in Japan

Color: It's a good thing

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