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Woodbo stand standing standing shell button obi
Daiwa Industry (Nara Prefecture Takamichi-gun Takatori-cho) × Tomoi (Nara Prefecture Kawanishi-cho)

A set of convenient waiting for compact and convenient.
Because the head is small, it is easy to use, and the cloth street is smooth.
A wooden box that holds two-color waitness is made of cherry blossom trees, and it was crafted by craftsmen's skills.
In the band where you can do the box, we put a flower-shaped shell button.
A shell button cut out from "black butterfly shellfish" known as shellfish that raises pearls.
Such gloss is attractive.

※ Each contains two-color witch.

■ Cherry tree box
【Daiwa Industry】 Takatomachi, Takaichi, Nara Prefecture
In 1970, it was established as a company that produces a wooden pill box of placement drugs, a local industry.
From crub products and wooden boxes that use traditional technology, we are expanding various products that meet the needs of the times and are pursuing the way of new wood products.

■ Shellfish button
[Tomoi] Kawanishimachi, Nara Prefecture
Nara Prefecture Kawanishi-cho is a land production area of ​​the shellbut but the production volume of the shell button while the sea without the sea.
The six rivers flowing through the town brought a luck from Osaka, and the creation of the shellfish buttocks has been protected as an important task of the farming period.
Tomoi was founded in 1913 in this area. We respond to delicate technologies and experiences to the order of the fashion industry that requires advanced technology.

30 mounting full length: 35 × thickness: 0.5 (mm)
Glass ball diameter: 2 mm
Package Size W42 × H25 × D56 (mm)
23 g of weight

Box: tree (Sakura Sakura)
Shelletto Beans: Black Butterfly Shellfish, Rubber, Brass
Wait: Glass Nickel Plated Steel

made in Japan

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