COHANA Kohana Seki Seki


It is a sweet and sharp bean paste which is made from the playful mind of an established scissors maker, "how far can you make scissors that can be cut down?"

Hinokatsumi of Seki: Hasegawa cutter × Imari (YAME City, Gifu Prefecture, YAME City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

It is a small bean paste made by knife cutter maker Hasegawa, 1933, located in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture. Hold it with your fingers, you can cut by light force.
A small bunch of silk thread is made by hand, and Imari San who is in the Yatsushiro City, Fukuoka Prefecture is established in 1907. The craftsman's delicate technique shines, and it is finished in a beautiful camouflage which continues to make the floor of the eight woman lantern which is also a traditional craft.
The scissors case made of the size of this product is made of fine leather.
It is convenient to carry even if it is put in a pen case, a porch and a drawstring compact.

Material: stainless steel / ABS resin case / Leather tassel / silk

Size × H24 × D54 (mm)
Weight: About
Color: Kimi

Made in Japan

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