BGM Masking Tape SPECIAL 15mm Constellation SP019-BM-SPSZ


BGM masking tape special constellation 15mm foil stamping

Size: Width 15mm x 5m volume
Material Japanese paper
Country of origin: China

Precautions for use
・ Avoid storing in hot and humid places.
・ Do not use for anything other than stationery use.

BM-SPSZ001 Constellation ・ 3/21-7/22
BM-SPSZ002 Constellation ・ 7/23-11/22
BM-SPSZ003 Constellation ・ 11/23-3/20
BM-SPSZ004 Constellation / Colorful
BM-SPSZ005 Constellation / Night sky
BM-SPSZ006 Constellation / Blue Sky

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