Cohana Kohana Iida Wait Wait 3 Bottle Set KG-IMAC-45


COHANA-Ultra-quality handmade tools from regional industries and crafts
Wait for Iida Mid

Iida watered in Nagano Prefecture, and Iida Mideway, the colon and the cute air bubbles made a motif west. Kinoshita Mizumi was founded in 1961. We are also working on the development of new products while handling the skills of the craftsmanship, and we are still telling the value of water.
The origin of water is said to be an old dumpling era, and a colorful strike-shaped Japanese paper made by a traditional manufacturing method is difficult to break, and the beauty of the curve is born from "knot" by hand techniques . In addition, with the number of connections and the number of water and water, etc., "Japanese customs", which thinks about the other party, is used for celebration bags, and still roots.
Waitness set up calm color, colored light, colored white and three white three white. The needle is made of a large-sized Hiroshima as a production area and the cloth street is smooth.
It is a wait for the handicrafting tool.

■ Wooden water (Iida water)
Production area: Nagano Prefecture Iida City
Founded in 1961. We value the "sum" of the material of water and transmit the technique of "Song", created "beauty" of the curve held by water, and using the technique of "Takumi" from the front, it was handmade. I am manufacturing the product.
Also, don't forget the craftsmanship and water value, and also focus on developing new products tailored to the times.

Product Size Length: 40 (mm) thickness: 0.5 (mm)
Package Size W63 × H65 × D6 (mm)
Weight of 4g
Material glass, nickel plated, steel, pulp paper, polyethylene rayon
3 bottles
made in Japan

Model number
45-228 Mizuhashi
45-229 Tsukuro

■ Notes on use
· Because the needle tip is sharp and dangerous, please be careful about the needle and handling of the needle.
· After using it, wipe off sweat or fat.
· It may be possible to get a strong part of the water part.
· Please note that it may cause damage or injury if used other than sewing.
・ Store in a place where infants are out of reach.

■ Notes
· The main unit design or package may change.
· The dimensions of the display, the weight is a guide. There may be an error with the actual product.
· The image of the published may cause an error in color and texture with the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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