COHANA Kohana Leather Friends Tape Tape measure


It is a tape that is finished with a leather friend who is also a lovely flower that is also a COHANA motif.
It wraps a precise and functional tape measure with a leather friend who makes hands gently, and it is finished with a single needle and needle, hand sewing.

■ Tape measure of leather friend
Takeguchi X Attachment
Production area: Osaka Prefecture X Kanagawa Prefecture

"Leather Yomosu" is a staining technique created by Mr. Takeguchi, who is a craftsman of the Nobuno Ward, Osaka City.
Japan's traditional dyeing "Yuzen dyed" is applied to the leather.
By using special dyes, the leather is uneven and can enjoy various leather facial expressions.

"Tape measure" has been manufactured by an incarcerator, which has consistently worked on manufacturing development in length since 199 in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Major made of glass fibers with high accuracy with many years of development know-how that has been cultivated for many years is the exact length forever.

Package size (differs from the size of the main unit)
Tape measure length: 1.5 m

Body: ABS resin / PP resin / SUS
Cover: Cowhide / iron
Tape: Glass Fiber / Vinyl Chloride Coating (with Antimicrobial Agent)

Color: It's a good thing Sei Sei Mizuhashigashi Tsukasai Broad

made in Japan

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