Cohana oHAJIKI Marking Pins Cohanna Ojiki Waiting Hand 3 sets


Toys "Ohashi" that is transmitted from Japan.
I was nostalgic, and I made a wait and a waitness.
Nothing of the small and nasty makeshima no needle is loving, and one by one is carefully created to be a more fun time.
The needle uses a needle made of Hiroshima, which is famous as a production area, and the cloth street is smooth.
※ 3 set. Waitnesses are likely to be a size and pattern.

3 bottles
Size: Length 37 mm, thickness 0.5 mm
※ We are working with one by one by one. Please note that there is a variation in size and pattern
Weight: about 4 g
Material: Glass, nickel plated steel
made in Japan

■ Please be careful
Waitnesses are likely to be a size and pattern.
Strongly pulling the parts of the glass may come out.
After use, wipe off sweat or fat etc. to prevent rusting.
Since the needle tip is sharp and dangerous, please be careful about the needle and handling of the needle.
Please note that if it is used other than sewing, it may cause damage or injury.
Keep out of reach of infants.

※ Please refer to the PC page for details such as functions and sizes

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