Cohana Small Sewing Kit Cohanna Small Sewing Set

Small sewing set

A sewing set that can store small tools in a drawstring

We have small tools that are popular in Cohana.
It is a sewing set that can be carried in a white tanned leather drawstring.
Delivered in a special package for gifts. It is also recommended for gifts such as Mother's Day.

The set contents are different only.

Package size: W220 × H75 × D130 (mm)
Weight: about 175g (new set is about 161g)
[White tanned leather drawstring] body: cowhide string: cotton (wax processing) button: tree
[Tonbo ball waiting needle] Glass, nickel plating, steel
[Shigaraki ware botan Mugnet] Pottery / Incisible Ferrite magnet / felt, rubber
[Hand -sewn needle set] Steel
[Tochi no Kiwaki] Main body: wood thread: polyester
[Seki no Beans Scissors] Body: Stainless Steel Blade Steel / ABS Resin Case: Cowhide Tassel: Silk
[Push pin of the flower of shell button (old set only)] Shell button: Akoya Kai needle: Stainless steel / chu plating
[Iida Mizuhiki's thread (new set only)] Pulp paper, polyethylene, stainless steel, aluminum

made in Japan

Model number
45-160 Kisuisen
45-162 Mizu Asagi
45-163 Tsuyukuisiro
45-164 Fukagawasu

set content
Please check the production area, characteristics, size, and precautions of items included in the set on the single item page of each product.

White tanned leather drawstring
Tonbo ball waiting needle
Shigaraki ware button magnet
Hand -sewn needle set (thin land to ordinary land)
Touchi tree thread roll
Seki no Beans Back Scissors
Push pin of the flower of the shell button(Fukagawaminu only)
Iida Mizuhiki's threadOther than Fuka Watanzu

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