KOKUYO Calcat 20-25mm Width


It cuts tape neatly, although it feels like you're cutting by hand!

When you want to cut masking tape perfectly straight, use this!
The specially treated knife is designed to make injuries difficult.
Staff who have personally bought this are also using it for roll tape-style tags.

Size W/D/H: 48x20x20
Compatible tape: Width 20-25mm/for small rolls
Material/main body: R-ABS/R-POM; blade: stainless steel

*The blade cannot be changed.
*This is for small rolls of tape.
*Please use this for tape from 20 to 25mm in width.
*Please note that the product may not be usable for tape with an inside diameter under 30mm or a length over 10m.
*Some types of tape may be difficult to cut.

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