RAKUI HANA Label Book Coffee House Cats Volume printing Original


GUTE GOUTER Original Label Book
Cats in the coffee house
Hana Rakui X OEDA LetterPress

In conjunction with the cat's day campaign in 2024, Hana Rakui, an illustrator, who was also popular in our shop, drew three cute cats.

The waiter that carries the coffee carefully brewed by the master to the seat ... maybe a master's child?
A pure cafe that the regulars are happily repeating the same story as yesterday, wrapped in the scent of freshly ground beans.
Surely, the shop is not a main street, and in the back alley that can not be easily reached, and the delusion does not stop.

And here is the print printing here!
It may be familiar for those who like paper.
OEDA Letterpress (Oeda Logo Room) finished it in a nice label book.

The size of one label is 45x45mm.
Since the sewing machine is attached, it is easy to separate.

Although it is a little confusing, the color of 50 label books is different between the first to 25th and the 26th to 50th.

Hana Rakui | College of printers / illustrators
Lives in Tokyo.
Hanko production has been started in 2007, and it is now expanding its activities every year, with solo exhibitions in Japan and overseas.

Oeda Live Room | OEDA Letterpress
A small print printing shop located in Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture.
The printing shop that had been sleeping for a long time was played with a designer and printing work.
We make use of the techniques of printing printing to create paper stationery that snuggles up to life.

Size: 45x150x7mm
50 pieces (25 LATTE, 25 Coffee Brown)
You can cut 45 x 45mm square with the sewing machine.
made in Japan

Click here for Hana Rakukai's work

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