Sailor fountain pen pen tip Pen hocoro double


Fountain pen pen tip Pen hocoro double

It is a fountain pen tip of a fountain pen tip that can use a bottle ink for fountain pen more easily and easily.
It is a set of one pen axis and two replacement pen tips.

Let's play with ink for fountain pen, more casually, tough, more tough
Since the color can be easily changed by simply flowing the pen tip with water, there is no need to change ink and you can easily enjoy many colored ink.


・ You can change the pen tip
In order to remove the first place, it can be replaced without grabbing the pen tip.

・ Can store a pen tip
Insert the pen tip in the main unit in the opposite direction when carrying or storage, and protects the pen tip.

・ What is a fountain pen pen tip?
The pen core is removed from the fountain pen and only the pen tip is used.
There is no function to store ink like a fountain pen, so you can't keep writing.
Please use it while soaking in the ink frequently.

| How to use |

1. Slip the tip, remove the pen tip from the pen axis, turn it over and insert it into the pen axis.
*Please note that the tip of the pen is sharp.
*When inserting the large tip into the pen axis, insert each flat part together.

2. Soak the pen tip in a bottle ink and attach the ink.
To include the standard ink amount, soak in the ink until the heart hole of the pen tip is hidden, and remove the extra ink with the edge of the ink bottle.

3. Please write and draw on the surface with the squid mark at the pen tip.
*Because there is a lot of ink consumption, apply repeated ink.

| Specifications |

Model number:
Shiro fine letter (F) 1.0mm width 12-0220-010
Gray fine (F) 1.0mm width 12-0220-021

Pen tip: stainless steel, fine, special pen

Body specification:
Large POM resin
Pen shaft PC resin

body size:
Diameter 10.7 x 135mm (when writing)
Diameter 10.7 x 119mm (when storing a pen tip)
Body weight 6.5g

Package paper box:
Size: W36XD22XH143mm
Weight about 18.8g

made in Japan

* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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