SAILOR: Plophitte, Jr. +10 mizutama: Original Design Limit


Pro Fit Junior +10 mizu-tama

There's one thing we can do right now!
Illustrator: A set of fountain pen and converter, a bottle of bottle ink, and a bottle of 10ml.
It's the first time you're going to start using it with one set.
The body of the fountain pen and ink Bell are the original design, the original design of the fountain pen, and the original color ink of the mizu-mizu, which is the same color set as the fountain pen.
This is a description of the usage that can be found in an illustration that can be written in a more like manner.


It is an ink inhaler to ink a fountain pen from the Bottle ink.
The way you use it and how to make it work is described in the instructions in the appendage.


Hey. Hey.
The image is where you are prepared to go out and prepare.

The image shows that a girl living near the forest is reading a reading on a forest in a forest that is ringing sound by the snoring of birds.

It is an image of the time to eat coffee, bread, and other snacks.

10-0582-301. Hey.
10-0582-302 Saeguri
10-0582-303 Kohiru

Specifications (Common)
medium (MF)
Penn stainless steel

Method Converter Cartridge Expressions
Zaibuta, Do, Daito: PMMA Resin/Screen Printing
Metal parts Gold IP finish.

Body size diameter of 17 × 134mm (including clips)
Body weight 12.2g

Paper package
Size 70 × 31 × 132mm
weight 104g

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