SAILOR fountain pen bottle ink 10ml 3 color set supervised by mizutama limited edition


10×3 mizutama
Fountain pen bottle ink 10ml 3 color set

You can easily try it in small quantities!
A 3-color set of 10ml bottle ink for fountain pens.
Limited edition label design with original color ink supervised by mizutama.
The 10ml mini bottle allows you to easily try out the ink in small quantities.

Image of a scene where you get dressed up and get ready to go out.

The image is of a girl who lives near a forest, relaxing and reading a book on the edge of the forest where the birds are chirping.

Imagine a relaxing time eating snacks such as coffee and bread.

ink water dye
Capacity 10ml

Body size W27.7×D27.7×H54.0mm
Body weight 53.4g

Package in paper box
Size W132×D30×H70mm
Weight 190g

please note
*Reservoir is not included.
*If the inner lid of the lid comes off, do not throw it away, but instead use it by fitting it inside the lid. This will prevent ink leakage.
*Please use with Sailor fountain pen. We cannot provide any warranty in the event that a problem occurs when using the product with another company's product.
*Depending on your PC/mobile environment, the color of the ink on your screen may differ from the actual color.

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