Sailor limited world tea time #3 Moroccan mint tea pens 0.7mm


World Tea Time #3 Moroccan Mint Tea
Kisan | Ballpen 0.7mm

Series on the theme of traditional cafe culture in the world
There are 6 types of lineups: 3 types of fountain pen, 2 types of ballpoint pens, and one fountain pen ink.
The motif is the culture itself, including not only drinks but also tea utensils.

Tea time in the world is Moroccan mint tea.
In Morocco, there is a habit of drinking mint tea on a daily basis.
It is a tea made by adding mint to green tea and extracting it and adding sugar as you like.
When entering a customer, a metal pot "Bed" and a glass "Keisan" with an exotic pattern are often used.

The Moroccan Kingdom Embassy, ​​which was supervised by the motif of this product, Moroccan Mint Tea, presented all six types of this product (3 types of fountain pens / 2 ballpoint pens / 1 kind of ink for fountain pen).

Method of rotation
Body specification lid / torso: PMMA resin
Core oil -based black
Ball diameter 0.7mm
Replacement core 18-0500
Metal parts gold IP finish
Body size diameter 18 x 135mm (including clip part)
Body weight 26.8g

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