Sailor Krie Premium Cross X Professional Gaislim First Snow Limited Set


K. Clie Premium Cross X Professional Gaislim
First Snow Limited Set | Fountain Pen Extra Financial (EF) / Medium Character (MF) / Medium Character (M) / Bold (B)

The theme of the 7th collaboration project is “Hatsuki”.
In the notebook, sparkling snow crystals are expressed with silver foil stamping.
The fountain pen is designed with fine silver glitter and snow crystal patterns in the whole clear white body reminiscent of the glitter of snow illuminated by light.
One -point snow crystal pattern is also applied to the 14 gold pen tip and lid clod.
The ink color is a new toning of ice gray inspired by the first snow.
The gift box also uses a pale color reminiscent of the first snow.
It is a fleeting and fantastic stationary set that allows you to feel the beauty of the winter scenery of the first snow and the snowy and warm happiness in the snowfall.

It is a gift box specification, which is ideal for fountain pen lovers, as well as rewards for yourself and gifts for close friends.

Product code
Extra-fine (EF) 10-8827-110
Medium-spec (MF) 10-8827-310
Bold (b) 10-8827-610

Ca.creae Premium Cross
External dimensions: 215 x 105mm
Number of sheets: 56 stings
Specifications: Bookbinding
Material (text): High quality paper (light cream color)
Grand color: gray

Professional Giga Aslim Fountain Pen * Built -in converter
Dimensions: 124mm in length (at storage)/about 142mm (when writing)
Maximum torso axis diameter: diameter about 12mm
Cap diameter: Approximately 17mm in diameter (including clips)
Weight: Approximately 16.8g
Character width: Extra -fine, medium -sized, bold character
Pen tip: 14 gold, medium size
Metal parts: Nickel chrome plating finish
Lid, torso, large tip, lid plug, tail stop: PMMA resin
System: Cartridge converter double use

Dye bottle ink
Ice gray
Capacity: 20ml

Ink converter is required to replenish ink from ink bottles to a fountain pen.

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