Sailor Classic Ko CLASSIC KO Makie Baobo Ballpen B1


Tailored with the texture and traditional handicraft of the material
CLASSIC KO's lacquer cubes ballpoint pen

Wabi Sabi Pen
Japan's beauty was a modern and simple design with familiar items and grew up the richness of mental life.
Classic KO It is a new appearance ballpoint pen that can be enjoyed with jewelry with its view of the world.

| V A R I A T I O N |

Bamboo Mesh SV
"Bambo Mesh SV" which gave a bamboo basket that one bamboo shrimp is more piled up.
Not only the function, but also the beauty of the braise.
The mosquito is also used as a pattern of magic trails that can be traced since ancient times, and it is a meaningful design as an amulet.

Florett Dot SV
Floret dots SV scattered.
Flowers with four petals have been called "Quatrefoil" and have been used to see Christian four sacred people.
Even as a symbol of happiness, it is a petal statement that has been loved.

Dedicated package
* Package design may be changed without notice.

Method of rotation
Core oil -based black
Ball diameter 0.7mm
Replacement core 18-0500
Lid / Large PMMA resin / white, lacquer painting
Metal parts gold IP finish
Body size 15.5 x 134mm (including clip part)
Body weight 22.3g
Package dedicated box

Attached content
Product manual, instruction manual

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