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Traveler's COMPANY Blas Ball Pen Brass Freak


It is a ballpoint pen integrated with a brass holder made at the press plant in Tokyo.
When not in use, you can carry it compactly to set the pen inside the body.
Tops have a ring that mounces hooks and strings. You can also use it without a clip by removing the ring part. Keep the clip with a luxury cover roughly and remove the clip and throw it into the pocket, and use it as a companion of a traveling life.

While continuing to use, the brass surface is oxidized, so it changes to a soft color tone with a deep taste and creates a unique atmosphere. In addition, since it is not surface treatment to enjoy brass material and aging change, there is a fine scratch on the surface, but it is not worried that the color changes while using it.
In addition, the cap and clips are processed by the cap and clips felt iron texture, according to the texture that brass changes aged. It may seem like stains and unevenness, but it can be used here too.

Material / holder: Brass ballpoint pen: wooden axis ink / black refill / book Ruppen refill 36638006
※ Refills can use "No. 705 np" of Auto Co., Ltd.

Package / H38 × W112 × D19MM Body / 11 × H99mm in diameter


-Transment method of ball pen refill-
Step 1: When replacing the refill, turn the metal pen tip part and remove the spring, remove the spring, and unplug the finished refill.
STEP 2: Insert a new refill and return a spring before closing the pen tip.

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