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It is a brass roller ballpoint pen that is easy to use when writing and writing.
Because you can use the cartridge for all anniversary pens, you can enjoy a smooth writing comfort and a clear taste that is unique to the roller ballpoint pen, for example, in the color ink unique to the vulgar pen.
With a brass texture that changes deeper enough to use, the appearance as a good tool produced by Japanese craftsmen is also attractive. Tops have a ring that mounces hooks and strings. You can also use it without a clip by removing the ring part.
As a pen that can be used freely to the pen holder of Traveler's Notebook, I will put it in the pocket, I will leave it in the pocket, and I feel free to carry it anytime, anywhere, and I will be a broad one from a daily memo Please use it.
A little wound is also tasted with changes in brass shades, and more attachment should come.

The letters of "BR" means roller balls are engraved.

European type dedicated cartridges offer black and blue black.

While continuing to use, the brass surface is oxidized, so it changes to a soft color tone with a deep taste and creates a unique atmosphere. In addition, since it is not surface treatment to enjoy brass material and aging change, there is a fine scratch on the surface, but it is not worried that the color changes while using it.
In addition, the clip is fulfilled with iron texture, according to the texture that brass changes aged. It may seem like stains and unevenness, but it can be used here too.

Package / H38 × W112 × D19MM Body / 11 × H102mm in diameter

Pen tip: 0.5mm
Accessories: Black


-Incing the ink cartridge of the roller ballpoint pen-
TRC Brass Inc. and Roller Ballpoint Pen Ink Cartridges.
If you want to change the color of the ink, clean it along the procedure of "Making a New Year's Tennobe" and then replace it.
Hold the pen tip and turn it off by turning the torso part in the direction of (1).
Remove the cartridge where the ink is lost straight in the direction of (2).
Place the tip of the cartridge to the back straight back in the direction of (3).
It takes time for a while until the ink comes out, but it will be ready to write naturally.

-Wekew how to keep roller ballpoint pen-
In order to use the fountain pen or roller ballpoint pen comfortably, it will be the best maintenance, but if the ink is deteriorated or changing the ink color, if you do not use it for a while, the following Please clean the pen tip in the way.
Many of the causes that can not be written by the Fountain and Roller Ballpoint Pen are caused by inhibiting the flow of the ink by solidifying the ink inside the pen tip. Also in this case, please try cleaning the pen tip.
Hold the pen tip and turn it off by turning the torso part in the direction of (1).
Remove the cartridge where the ink is lost straight in the direction of (2).
Put the pen tip in a cup containing moisture water and leave it in a state of being immersed in water.
In addition, clean up the pen tip with tap water, and wipe the water well with a soft cloth or tissue paper. Please set the cartridge carefully after removing moisture.

-Howorking note-
· Do not use other than the usage used.
· Do not place it in the reach of children.
· Please note that if you drop or write too much when you put it too much, it will cause a malfunction.
· If the ink will cause dry, be sure to close the cap.
· If you set the cartridge, insert the cartridge and then lightly with your finger and send the ink to the pen destination and use it.
· The ink cartridge recommends using a dedicated TRC fountain brush cartridge. Please note that depending on the type of ink, it may cause clogging or breakdown.

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