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It is a pencil with the brass holder made in the press factory in Japan.
When you don't use it, you can carry it in the compact to set the pencil inside the body. It can be used without the clip by removing the parts that are eraser. Hold the clip on the leather cover, remove the clip, throw it into your pocket, and always use it as a companion for the journey of life.

The surface of the brass is oxidized, and it changes into a soft color with a deep taste, and it produces a unique atmosphere. In addition, there is a slight scratch on the surface, because the surface treatment is not done to enjoy the material feeling of the brass and secular change of the brass.
In addition, the cap and the clip are made to be able to feel the feeling of iron according to the feeling that the brass has changed secular. Although it may look like a stain or a mulberry, it is enough to use this

Since the refill is made with the pencil and eraser set, please use the long term and enjoy the change of brass. Also, if you are a pencil with a common thickness, you can set a shortened one.

Holder / Brass pencil / HB

Package / h38 × 112 × D19 mm
Main body / diameter × H97mm
L pencil / 75 mm

In Japan

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