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Fukuoka Mariko Letter Set

There are two types of stationery and one envelope inside, so you can use them in a combination of your mood and your opponent, combine them, or use them freely.
We use Mino Japanese paper with a rough texture, so you can enjoy the unique writing comfort of Japanese paper.

| Variation |

20-411 Seasonal Jar
A lot of beautiful jams and sweets in a cute bottle!
It is a cute letter set that gradually wants to eat sweets when you look at it.

A cute letter set depicted by Mama who lives with the stars.
Eat coffee and toast in the morning, go out during the day, and watch the stars at night.
I yearn for such a life.

Specifications (common)
Mino Japanese paper stationery 2 patterns 6 pieces each size 145 × 181mm
Mino Japanese paper envelope 4 pieces SIZE 94 x 165mm

Introduction of Manriko Fukuoka
We work on illustrations such as advertising, magazines, web, packages, paper items, etc.
I try to give such illustrations that gently color my daily life with a line and clothes that feel the texture of hand -painted.
The motifs include food, miscellaneous goods, and people.
The genre that I am good at is a touch for women about living and clothing, food and shelter.

please note
・ Body design and package are subject to change.
・ The dimensions and weight of the display are a guide. There may be an error from the actual product.
-The image posted may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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