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Midori Asano Letter set with 2 patterns of letterheads

Inside are two types of letterheads and one type of envelope, so you can freely use different types of letterheads according to your mood or the recipient, or use them in combination.
You can use them in any combination to suit your mood or that of your recipient. The rough texture of the Mino washi paper gives it a unique writing feel.

20415 Cookie
Midori Asano's letter set with cute gingham checks.
Cute and delicious-looking cookies with a crispy texture and the aroma of wheat and butter can be imagined just by looking at them.
You will have a wonderful time if you write a letter to this letter set while eating a snack.
Please enjoy it for relaxing time at home.

20416 fleur
Midori Asano's carefully drawn flowers and small animals are so cute.
Looking at them, you will feel as if you are in a garden full of greenery.
You will be able to write a letter to the recipient that will soothe his or her heart.
Although it has a floral pattern, it is easy to use because of the calm green and light blue base coloring, so it is not too sweet. Recommended for seasonal letters.

Mino Washi letter paper, 2 patterns, 6 sheets each, size 145 x 181mm
Mino Washi envelopes, 4 sheets each, size 94 x 165mm

Introduction of Midori Asano
Midori Asano is an illustrator who draws exotic landscapes and motifs such as tableware and plants.
Her delicate and warm illustrations are soothing just by looking at them.
Her mature yet not too cute illustrations are loved by people of all ages.
In addition to holding her own solo exhibitions, Ms. Asano is also active in a variety of other fields, such as book illustrations, collaborating with various companies to plan sundry goods, and making use of her experience as a former graphic designer.

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