NUGOO NEXT Tenugui Arabe Dyeing


Dyeing main dyeing and wet NUGOO NEXT

A large and small crest is dyed all over the white fabric.
The finish is made very lightly because it leaves the fluffy texture of the fabric.
Please note that there are some wrinkles for that.


It is a chic and sharp impression close to black.

It is a very Japanese expression.

A bright green with a Japanese style.
It is a "delicious color" like "Zunda".

Dyeing main dyeing hand wiping
NUGOO_NEXT products are dyed carefully in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture and Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

The fabric is 100 % Oka cotton
Size: about 92cm x 35cm
made in Japan

NUGOO_NEXT's hand wiping is only Japanese tradition "Dyeing".

All of the dyeing is handled by the craftsman and carefully dyed.
Therefore, the same thing cannot be done as one.
Please find your favorite.

Going out with children, climbing and camping.

100%cotton and good water absorption, and bulky hand wiping is an excellent item that is useful if you put it in a bag when you go out with children. Instant styling, wipe your mouth, wrap around your neck, sweat, sunscreen, etc.
Recently, there are also loyal users even in mountain climbing, which is said to be cotton NG. It can be used as a first aid for injuries and broken shoes, a plastic bottle holder, or a Zack landmark.
Actually, there are various uses, and the rich and gorgeous towel is useful for small gifts, New Year's games, and celebrations.

About gifts

Only hand wipes are accepted for free.
Put the hand wiped in a transparent bag and hang the paper. If you would like to do so, select the contents of your order in the order step and fill in the name you want to write in the remarks column.

We do not accept paid GOTE GOUTER wrapping services.
note that.

please note
・ We follow the old manufacturing method, and the edges are kept cut without cleaning up. As a result, water and dust are irresistible, easy to dry, and can be used by hand in an emergency. At first, the thread is frayed, but while using it, it becomes a small fringe shape and frayed.
・ Because it is a manual cut, the dimensions may change.
・ Due to the nature of the fabric, there may be some Nep (woven unevenness).
・ Due to the nature of dyeing, the color and color of the pattern may differ from the photo.
・ Please note that the main dyeing is dyed, so it may cause discoloration / color transfer due to water wet and friction.
・ Do not use chlorine -based detergent and bleach as it will discolor.
・ Please avoid drying tumblers.

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