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Shosaburo Kiri Chibasami Fabric Cut Sashimi Standard Type 240mm 24cm


Shisaburo's Kirin Sami (240mm)
GUTE GOUTER Original Box & Leather Case

Shosaburo's traditional scissors that inherit Japanese scissors making techniques.
The blade is made of high -end knife steel and extremely soft steel, and forging is sufficient and promises the best sharpness for all work.

There are three types of crawling scissors, 240mm, 260mm, and 280mm.
This is a "240mm" size page.

With the original leather sack, it is convenient to carry.

Leather case
You can choose from two colors.
Without waiting for the leather to get used to it, a soft cowhide was used so that the edge could be inserted immediately.
It is finished in a bright color so that the heart bounces when the handicraft box is opened.

・ Yamabuki color (yellow)
・ Peacock color (Peacock)

Before you use it, wipe off the oil applied to the scissors so that you do not dirty what you cut.
The surface of the product may have fine scratches, uneven paint, fragments, etc.
It is an inevitable specification in the production process. Please understand.

Since it will be put in a gift box, it is perfect for gifts.

Cutting Chibasami Standard Type
Total length 240mm +5%, -3%

Leather case about 181x (maximum part) 52x3mm
Package size about 300x97x28mm

・ The dimensions and weight of the display are a guide. There may be an error from the actual product.
-The image listed may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

【Please be careful】
The scissors of the scissors are extremely sharp. Cut a thick or hard cloth from the beginning may damage the blade. Please cut the soft cloth several times before using it.
In addition, please check the included notes before use.

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