KNOOPWORKS Masking tape 25mm souvenir / boss


020_ Souvenir masking tape
"I went to 〇〇!"
Write the date, place, and expiration date and put it on souvenirs.

024_ Best expiration date masking tape
Masking tape that manages the expiration date.
It can be managed by sticking it into a built or subdivided bag.

Masking tape is hard to come! For those who say
It is an item that you want to use happily every day.

Size (common) 25mm width x5m
There is a sewing machine
You can write with a water -based pen / ballpoint pen

[Precautions for use]
・ Responsure for a long time in a hot and humid place where direct sunlight hits.
・ Please store the remaining tape in a bag.
・ Do not put it in a place where infants can reach.

* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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