KNOOPWORKS Masking Tape Fragile 40mm MT-29


Knope Works
Fragile masking tape | 40mm width

It is also recommended to wrap it around the packing, or cut it one pattern and use it for small gift wrapping.
If you use it for outer packing such as cardboard because of the masking tape specification, use it with a strong sticking packing tape so that the contents do not pop out even if the tape comes off during transportation.
Use an oil -based pen when writing on the tape.

107_fragile White
108_fragile gray

■ Size: 40mm width x7m

[Precautions for use]
・ Responsure for a long time in a hot and humid place where direct sunlight hits.
・ Please store the remaining tape in a bag.
・ Do not put it in a place where infants can reach.

* Package design is subject to change without notice.

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