NUNODECO Nuno Deco item Tote bag Pouch


■ With NunoDeco series
"Decoration" is a girl by girls.
There are not enough.
I love cute things!
I want to fashion a little bit different from people!
It is a series where you can enjoy such a female heart and "Deco to the cloth".

Recommended for workshops!
You can easily enjoy deco with other sold cloth deco tapes etc.

15-277 Mini Tote Bag Kinari
Package Size: Width 255 x Height 250 x Thickness 10 mm
Weight: about 56 g

15-278 Cotton Bag
Package size: Width 310 x Height 700 x Thickness 50 mm
Weight: about 50 g

15-279 Pouch
Package size: Width 200 x Height 120 x Thickness 10 mm
Weight: about 26 g

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