Oscolabo stamp gull sr013


Katachi X Solamoyou
It is a series of stamps with tight texture, making it a motif of weather and natural modeling.
If you push it to the fish, birds will get waves.
Helon, when making this pattern, it was depicted using colored pencils and watercolor paints, and it is said that it was devised to be able to express the tint of color pencils and bleeding of watercolor paintings.
You can feel the commitment of the craftsman.

Size about 12x12x62mm
Material: Rubber (Seal), Tree

OSCOLABO (Oscorabo) is a laboratory (Laboratry = Lab) of the Founded Taisei 13 years of Hanko store Co., Ltd. Occo.
There is also the meaning of "pressing" and the collaboration (collaboration) to create a new one by "pressing" and a collaboration (collaboration).
It is not completed by pushing, but the ideas of those who have been handed by Hanko were added, and those who have never been to this world are produced in this world ...
I would like to provide hints and stuff to be a material.
Not only newness, but also on long-established technologies and traditions, male collaboration will repeat various experiments and continue searching every day.

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