OSCOLABO Congratulations! Stamp OSCO-OMEDETO


Congrats! stamp
"Happy New Year" "Merry Christmas".
Enjoy the world that spreads infinitely depending on the combination♪

Size (common) about 10.5x49x62mm
Material: rubber (seal surface), tree

If you use ink that can be used for cloth products, the use will be further expanded♪

OSCOLABO (Oss Corbo) is a laboratory (LABORATRY = Lab) of OSCO Co., Ltd. Nosco Co., Ltd., Nosko, Corporation.
At the male collaboration, there is also the meaning of "pressing" and the collaboration (Collaboration = collaboration) to create a new one.
It is not completed by pressing, but the ideas of those who have been handed by Hanko were added, and those who have never been
I would like to provide hints and stuff to be a material.
Not only newness, but also on long-established technologies and traditions, male collaboration will repeat various experiments and continue searching every day.

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