SALE BGM Masking Tape 15mm - Life series 004


BGM masking tape
LIFE foil pressing 15mm

Size: Width 15mm × 5M Volume
Material: Japanese paper
Production Country: China

BM-LGCA061 Gold, Hoshizu
BM-LGCA062 Gold and deep sea
BM-LGCA063 minerals
BM-LGCA064 Cloud star
BM-LGCA065 Lace · Yellow flower
BM-LGCA066 Lace · Blue flower
BM-LGCA067 Check Flower
BM-LGCA068 branch leaves
BM-LGCA069 Curcaps and roses
BM-LGCA070 Empty train

Precautions for use
· Avoid storage in high temperature and humid places.
· Do not use other than stationery applications.

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