BGM masking tape LIFE 15mm foil stamping LIFE023 BM-LGCA


BGM masking tape LIFE foil stamping 15mm

Size: 15mm wide x 5m volume
Material: Japanese paper
Country of origin: China

Precautions for use
・ Avoid storage in high temperature and humid places.
・ Do not use for anything other than stationery applications.

BM-LGCA094 On the night when the stars go
BM-LGCA095 Hanashin style
BM-LGCA096 Flowering
BM-LGCA097 Vitamin
BM-LGCA098 Sea song
BM-LGCA099 Small Cosmo
BM-LGCA100 launch fireworks
BM-LGCA101 Edo Monogatari

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