SALE BGM Masking Tape 8 Set Mustness Sign 5mm set01

BGM Masking Tape 8 Set Special Symbol-5 mm Width

Set contents Masking tape 8 pieces
BM-SPKG001-Sign Malbatsu Gold
BM-SPKG003-Sign Dolly Line, Purple
BM-SPKG005-Symbols Boots and Green
BM-SPKG006-Sign trigonometric · green
BM-SPKG007-Screams Moon / Tea
BM-SPKG009-Symbol Inazuma, Red
BM-SPKG010-Symbol Battery, Red
BM-SPKG011-Symbol Water Typha-Typhot-Blue

Each spec (8 pieces)
Size: Width 5mm × 5 M Volume
Material: Japanese paper
Production Country: China
Weight: 4g

please note
Some products in the picture are images. Set of set contents Only photos of the list are included in the set.

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