COPIC CIAO 0 Color Les Brender 10321000


COPIC CIAO 0 Color Les Blender

A colorless blender refers to a copy symbol "0" copy ink.
Among 358 colors, it is an ink that does not have one color. It is a convenient presence that can be adjusted for color mixing and adjustment of color density, and a little correction.

Copic Chao 0 Colorless Blender

Component alcohol dye ink
About 1.4 ml per replenishment per one time (about 9 times of replenishment with 1 copy ink)
Size / 12 × 12 × 150 mm
Weight / 11g

please note
Copic ink is a flammable alcohol ink. Be sure to keep in places where direct sunlight does not hit.
Use in a well-ventilated place.
Keep out of reach of infant.

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