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Kurashiki Design Hand-shaped box and sewing set cohana Happybag-2022-COHANA-01


Cohana sewing set + Kurashiki Supply Handbag

All made in Japan
The necessity of sewing, cute waiting needles and needle stabs, is a limited quantity.

| Set contents |

・ Kurashiki Supply -Handbags Small Box Tsuga

It is a small wooden box that is convenient to keep things, treasures, and small things you want to use immediately.
How to use it is up to you.
You can put your hobby tools, put stamps and seals, put them in reach, or put accessories.
Thinking about what to put in later is one of the wonderful ways to enjoy a small box.
Tsuga is an evergreen coniferous tree classified as a genus pine family.
Slightly soft but straight and close skin.

Size width 12.7 x depth 9.5 x height 8.5cm
Material lumber urethane paint
made in Japan

Note: Because it is manufactured manually, the pencil line used at the time of production may remain. note that

・ Cohana -Waiting needle for the stars of the parquet

It is a small parquet for the starch in the shape of a star.

Package size W63 × H65 × D6 (mm)
Weight about 4g
Size length: about 35 (mm) Thickness: 0.5 (mm)
Material: Walnut, zelkova, katsura, suppress, mizuki, hoo, waki), nickel plating, steel

・ Cohana -Hasami ware Magnet spool

A pottery spool.
Spool is a wound, winding cylinder, and winding frame for wrapping a curly yarn, twisted yarns, ropes and lines, and thin film -shaped objects for textile.
This spool has a built -in magnet and catches needles and clips, so it can be used not only as a pink cushion but also as a clip holder.
It is an exquisite glaze hanging, making use of the texture of unglazed and its simple texture, and has a taste.

Color: Fukagawasu
Package size (different from the size of the body) w45xh70xd45mm
Weight: 75g
Material: Pottery/Incisible Ferrite magnet/Felt

・ Cohana -Obi clinch with wooden boxes

A compact and easy -to -carry waiting needle set.
Because of the small head, it is easy to use, and the cloth street is smooth.
The wooden box, which contains two -colored needle, was made of cherry blossom trees and was elaborately made by craftsmanship.
The band that fastens the box is a flower -shaped shell button.
A shell button cut out of "black butterfly shellfish" known as a shell for growing pearls.
The glossy gloss is attractive.

Size: 30 waiting needle total length: 35 x thickness: 0.5 (mm)
Glass ball diameter: 2mm
Package size W42 × H25 × D56 (mm)
Weight 23g
Material box: Tree (mountain cherry blossoms)
Obi Zai Obi: Black butterfly, rubber, brass
Waiting needle: Glass, nickel plating, steel

・ Cohana --Rezan Snow Tree of Beans

Needle of bean basin is a limited product only for this winter. The small basin born of delicate craftsmanship is made of fragrant domestic cypress. The technique of "Arrigumi", which keeps the shape firmly, is also used in only 15mm square beans.
Nekoyama, which looks like a snor Mays, is made of wool from Hokkaido. I washed the sheep's hair that is grown in Hokkaido, dyed it with lily of the way, and carefully tailored each one.
The top star is a needle for Hakone parrades. Hakone parquet work that makes various patterns by taking advantage of the colors of many natural wood. The soft natural color unique to solid wood gives a gentle expression.

Package size: W42 × H56 × D25 (mm)
Weight 9g
Material Masu: Tree (Hinoki) Hiyama: Wool, Rayon
Waiting needle: Tree (Mizuki, Katsura, Kiki, Hoo), nickel plating, steel
1 waiting needle total length: 35 x thickness: 0.5 (mm)

【please note】
* The set contents cannot be changed.
* The design of the bracket part is subject to change without notice.
* Wrapping cannot be accepted.
* The image may cause an error in color and texture from the actual product due to the influence of your browser and display.

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